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You would like to use the services provided by TIPWORKS through the website "Online community connected by intellectual property" (hereinafter referred to as "our site") operated by TIPWORKS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "TIPWORKS"). In that case, it is necessary to agree to the following "Membership Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "Terms"). Details regarding the contents and functions of the "Our Site" shall be displayed on the screen of the "Our Site" or in the rules, notes, etc. separately displayed by the Company, in addition to these Terms, and the rules, notes, etc. shall be displayed. It shall be included in this agreement. If there are provisions in this agreement that do not apply to members at this time, they will be applied from the time when they become applicable in the future due to changes in circumstances.
​Article 1 (Definition)
"Our site" is a general term for information services on the Internet provided by TIPWORKS and e-mail distribution and other information support services for members provided by TIPWORKS in association with the site.
​Article 2 (Member)
① "Our site" member (hereinafter referred to as "member") is registered on "our site" by the procedure specified by TIPWORKS for personal information (according to the definition under the Personal Information Protection Law) and other information. Hereinafter referred to as "member registration").
(2) Members are deemed to have accepted all the contents of this agreement when they register as members on the "Our site". The manifestation of disapproval will be accepted only by not registering as a member on the "Our site".
​Article 3 (Member registration and member responsibilities, etc.)
(1) Those who wish to use the "Our site" shall register as members on the "Our site" at their own will and responsibility. After the member registration, resume registration and approval of TIPWORKS by the real name, TIPWORKS shall issue an account of "our site" to the member, and the member shall provide the service for members (failed library, paid information distribution) on "our site". , Other unaccompanied paid services). At that time, TIPWORKS shall use it according to the method notified to the members.
(2) Members are solely responsible for the use and management of passwords and accounts (hereinafter referred to as "passwords, etc."). TIPWORKS is from the use and management of passwords, etc., regardless of whether the member is responsible or not, including cases of theft, loss, unauthorized use, unauthorized use by others, etc., unless TIPWORKS is intentionally or grossly negligent. We do not take any responsibility for any damage caused and any damage caused by using "Our site".
③ Members can change or delete the account on our site at any time. If a member deletes an account on the "our site" and wishes to delete the resume, the member shall request TIPWORKS to delete it by himself / herself, and TIPWORKS regarding the use and management of the resume when there is no request. Takes no responsibility.
④ Even if the member does not delete the account of "Our site" by himself, if he / she does not log in to "Our site" for more than one year, the database of "Our site" by TIPWORKS will be displayed. You agree in advance that the account on our site may be deleted during maintenance.
⑤ The member agrees in advance that if the member ceases to be a member due to account deletion or other reasons, all information on the "our site" will be deleted and the contents of the information cannot be confirmed. will do.
⑥ Even if the member changes or adds the information registered on the "our site" and the registered resume, among the registered or changed or added resumes, the name, reading, address, telephone number, email address, etc. Members are responsible for the accuracy, truthfulness, and up-to-dateness of all non-public information (anonymous information) specified by TIPWORKS, such as the date of birth column.
⑦ The member acknowledges in advance that even if the member makes an inquiry to TIPWORKS, if TIPWORKS cannot confirm that the inquirer is the member himself / herself, TIPWORKS will not be able to respond to the inquiry from the member. After that, you shall register as a member.
⑧ If a member makes a complaint or request to delete a resume due to an error in all or part of the resume registered on the "our site", TIPWORKS will notify the resume without prior notice. Members shall consent in advance to change the scope of disclosure or delete all or part of the resume, such as making all or part of the content invisible, and TIPWORKS shall not accept any damages caused by it. We do not take any responsibility.
⑨ Even if the member does not wish to unsubscribe from the mail from the "our site", if the mail server of the "our site" receives an error notification such as an incoming mail server error or unknown destination more than a certain number of times. May be deleted from the mail delivery destination during maintenance of the database of "Our site".
⑩ Of the messages sent and received by the member on the "our site" that the member has stored for more than one year, those that exceed the past year may be deleted during maintenance of the "our site" database.
⑪ Members may not be able to confirm whether they intend to continue using our site for a certain period of time, payment may be delayed or delinquent, or due to unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters or poor management, TIPWORKS will be in business.
In case of dissolution, we agree in advance that we may be excluded from the scope of "Our site" without prior notice.
⑫ Members shall not copy or copy information that is not open to the public or disclose it to a third party, which they have learned through the “Our Site”.
⑬ Members shall use TIPWORKS after acknowledging in advance that the certainty of all the results of the services provided by the "Our Site" is not guaranteed.
⑭ Members agree in advance that they may receive usage guidance for individual services of TIPWORKS when they start using our site. In addition, the member shall confirm that the provision of individual services to the member is not started by receiving the guidance, and if there is a procedure separately specified by TIPWORKS, perform the procedure. Suppose you use individual services at.
⑮ Members shall not perform the following 1 to 16 on the "Our site".
1. The act of intentionally registering and providing false information
2. The act of registering and providing information that is not information about oneself
3. Acts that infringe the rights of others such as copyright, trademark right, privacy right, name right, portrait right, honor, etc.
4. Acts that slander individuals or groups
5. Acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations, public order and morals

6. Acts such as registration and information provision for the purpose of profit
7. Acts that are detrimental to TIPWORKS or other third parties
8. Acts that impose a burden on TIPWORKS or other third-party servers, or acts
that interfere with or damage the operation, network, or system of the "our site", or acts that may cause these.
9. Acts that damage the trust of TIPWORKS or other third parties
10. An act in which a third party other than the member applies or uses the "our site" by pretending to be a member, or a member impersonates a third party other than the member to apply for or uses the "our site".
11. Acts that cause or may cause inconvenience, such as defaming TIPWORKS or other third parties.
12. There is a risk of disclosing or disclosing information about TIPWORKS or other third parties that the member himself or a third party has learned through the use of the "Our Site", such as by disclosing it on the Internet. action
13. The act of a member registering multiple accounts on the "our site" and using the "our site"
14. The act of directly contacting other third parties obtained through the "Our site" without the consent of TIPWORKS (except when it is assumed that the member will contact directly).
15. Acts of accessing or attempting to access or attempt to access member system authentication and security quests, non-public information on the "our site", etc. without proper authority.
16. Other acts prohibited by TIPWORKS
​Article 4 (Addition and change of this membership agreement)
With regard to matters not stipulated in this agreement and deemed necessary, all or part of this agreement may be added or changed by a resolution of TIPWORKS. In addition, additions and changes to this agreement shall be promptly disclosed on the "Our site", and the added and changed Terms shall become effective when disclosed on the "Our site".
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