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​Study room


When you are young, you are limited to the workplace and the community between generations, and you can spend meaningful time with adults,

I think there are few opportunities to come into contact with new values. Among thenarrowcommunity

Rather than worry of, the more early, increasing the opportunityof meeting and learn andis, something

It may be a clue to the solution.

Youth is your privilege, no matter how much we want it .

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, and feel like "I'm growing right now"Let's work on it

NS?We will proceed while listening to the requests from our members.


The contents of the study room are planned as follows.


  Delivery of recurrent articles

  Real project initiatives (actual store management, work planning, etc.)

  Design and support of local work models

  Expert appearance(ZOOM)

​ 〇  Trouble counseling room

  Chat room​​



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