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“Learn From Failure, and Add Value to Life”

Society surrounding our lives has been changing in a drastic speed. (And) there must be some new ways for us to fit in that new society.

With greeting new people, learning new things,

Creating a place, where you can ease yourself,

Building a “LIBRARY”, might be a solution for a better living.


Life is not a competition nor isolation. We take hands, corporate each other, And we believe this state of mind helps us to add a NEW VALUE in our lives.

Sharing one's knowledge, changes how we think, provides us a new goal, And also helps fill the education gap for the young.


The opposite of “Success” is not “Failure”.

There is always a timing where we get stuck in a moment,

When success changes to failure; all the sudden.

In the world of baseball, “Batting Average” is a word to describe player's Success / Failure measurement.

Sometimes players get a hit with a slight angle that it could have been a strike out. Sometimes players get a strike out, with slight angle that it could have been a hit.

Like we have never seen a batter with 100% batting average, a hit and a strike is always side by side, and not completely an opposite term.

By means of opposite terms, teaching and learning might mean the same thing, that we teach of what we learned, and also learn from teaching. To feel that moment, all you need to do is to keep challenging on what you are doing.

Our theme is to embrace new diversity, and values and harmonize with LOVE, like Van Gogh's “IRIS”

In a new society, a “Library” that exposes the mutual knowledge of adults, must be an irreplaceable value for everyone in the future.

"Learn from failure and add value to work and life"

In the society from which to continue to diversify, something out to us

Willnever You can ---

Things to improve someone's work and life just a little bit, to learn and encounter

Oh it is, only a little among the busy every day mind at ease place.

——— Now, let's build a library with us.

Rather than competition or isolation, we as adults connect and cooperate with each other

Shape that fits ——— Creates new added value

That it might be possible.

A lot of intellectual property owned by you and the current collector Melco, youth responsible for the future

People and to eliminate the opportunity gap of learning of children, was Soregama, of us

Not Shirema may also lead to finding the philosophy and purpose of life.

The opposite of success is not "failure." Everything is stable

You will never get there. If you fail, batting average

If there's, it should be understood to be the same word. Teaching

Elko and "to learn", it also might be of the same.

——— Let's continue the challenge together.

Like Van Gogh's iris,

Accepting diversity and new values and harmonizing with love

This is our theme.


Books that touch on the knowledge of adults with mutual knowledge in a decentralized society

The pavilion is already a great added value in itself, and will be for everyone in the future.

Isn't it an irreplaceable property ?

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