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​Disclaimer / Terms of Use

This website (hereinafter referred to as "this site") introduces the company / group information, services and products of TIPWORKS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). Before using this site, please read the following disclaimer and terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") carefully and agree to them before using. If you do not agree, please refrain from using the service.
In addition, by using it, it is assumed that you have agreed to all of these terms.
​1. 1. Unguaranteed content
We pay close attention to the information posted on this site. However, we do not guarantee any of the following matters, express or implied, with respect to all information provided on this site. The user shall use the "Site" and the usefulness of the information provided by the "Site" at his / her own discretion and responsibility.

(1) All information provided on the "Site" (information provided on the "Site" and all information contained in links managed or operated by third parties displayed on the "Site", etc. Included. The same shall apply hereinafter in this section.) Usefulness, suitability, completeness, accuracy, reliability, safety, legality, morality, and up-to-dateness (2) Functions of "this site" No interruption or error, no computer virus or other harmful things contained in this site and server ③ All matters related to communication between members ④ Matters posted on various SNS ⑤ The information transmitted by the Company and the distributed content on the "Site" do not infringe the rights of third parties. ⑥ The survival or identity of the "Site" is maintained.
⑦ "This site" brings specific effects, results, etc. to members
​2. Problems in use, etc.​
The Company is not responsible for any transactions, communications, disputes, etc. that occur between a member and another member or a third party regarding this site. In the event of a trouble or dispute, the parties shall resolve it. In addition, regarding software and hardware accidents and other damages caused by the use of this site, all necessary services, repairs, etc. will be borne by the user. We are not responsible for anything except for reasons attributable to us.
​3. 3. Changes in content, etc.​
Please note that the information, file names, etc. posted on this site may be changed, modified, deleted, etc. without prior notice.
​4. Limitation of liability​
Even if we are liable for any damages incurred by the user when using this site, our liability shall be limited to direct and ordinary damages unless there is intentional or gross negligence. ..
​5. Force majeure
The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by viruses, natural disasters, or other reasons not attributable to the Company, which cannot be prevented by the virus countermeasures that should be taken normally.
​Terms of use
​1. 1. Recommended environment
Internet Explorer 10.0 and above

Microsoft Edge latest version

Google Chrome latest version

Firefox latest version

Safari latest version

Android latest version

iOS latest version

It can be used with browsers other than the above, but the display may differ on some browsers.

​2. About Cookies
We call cookie on some pages for the purpose of realizing a website that is easier to use by providing convenient functions for users and collecting statistical information on browsing status. We are using technology.
The information stored in the cookie may be used to assist the user's input at the request of the user, but the cookie may be used in association with personal information for purposes other than the above. there is no.
In addition, it is not possible to identify the individual user only by the information stored in the cookie.
By changing the browser settings yourself, you can refuse to receive cookies or display a warning when you receive them, but if you do, one of our websites Please note that the club service may not be available.
​3. 3. About copyright
The copyright of the content (text, images, video, audio, programs, etc.) provided on this site belongs to us or the right holder who has authorized us to use it. Except for personal use by the user, it cannot be duplicated, modified, or adapted on other websites, print media, or other recording media. Other than the scope permitted by copyright law, the content provided on this site may not be used without our prior written consent.
​4. About trademarks
The rights regarding company names, names of products and services, logos, etc. displayed on the "Site" belong to the Company or the owners of individual rights. Except as permitted by trademark law and other laws, they may not be used without the prior written consent of the Company or the owners of individual rights.
​5. about the link
Please specify that the URL for the link is based on "" and that it is the website of TIPWORKS Co., Ltd. Please note that the Company may change the URL or change, suspend or cancel its operation. In addition, please note that we may cancel the link if we judge that the content of the link source site or the method of linking is contrary to the intention of operating this site.
​6. About inquiries
​6-① Email
The e-mail that we send to the user is sent to the individual user for the purpose of answering the user's inquiries. The copyright of these e-mails belongs to our company, and it can be diverted to other homepages or printed matter without our prior written consent, or part or all of the contents of the e-mail can be diverted or used for secondary purposes, etc. It cannot be used for the purpose of.
​6-② Answer​
Regardless of the method of inquiry, we will respond to inquiries by means that we deem appropriate according to the content of the inquiry. Also, depending on the content of your inquiry, it may take some time to respond. Please note.
​6-③ Contact information​
Please enter your contact information, such as your email address and phone number, accurately. If it is inaccurate, we may not be able to answer your inquiry. Also, please do not enter false or other person's information as contact information.
​7. About the use of information
Based on the opinions and inquiries received from users and historical data regarding the use of this site, we may create statistical data in a format that does not identify individuals and use that data. ..
​About this agreement
​1-① Effectiveness​
If any part of this Agreement is deemed to be in breach of law, invalid or ineffective for any reason, the other part of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
​1-② Changes, etc.​
We may change, add, delete, etc. this agreement at our convenience, so please always check the latest conditions. If you use the "Site" after the change, you are deemed to have agreed to the change.
​1-③ Linked site​
Please note that when using a website with a link on this site, regardless of whether the operator is our company or not, we will comply with the terms and conditions stipulated for each site. Please give me.
​About disputes, etc.
​1-① Governing law, jurisdiction​
The use of this site and the interpretation and application of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In addition, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance for all disputes related to the use of this site.
​1-②  Our response​
If the user uses the "Site" contrary to this agreement or the purpose of operating the "Site" of the Company, the Company will suspend the use and other measures in addition to necessary legal measures. We can take actions that we deem necessary.
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